Book Festival Logo
November 30th 2019
10.00am - 3.00pm
Rauora Park, Christchurch

The Tamariki Book Festival is here to showcase Christchurch children’s authors and illustrators.
Celebrating the incredible talent of these creative spirits in our beautiful city. You will be able to meet local children’s authors and illustrators, interact with the stories of Christchurch, and have a fantastic day out with whanau and friends.
Children's books will also be available for purchase on the day.

Red Velvet Stage

Story time will take place on the Red Velvet Stage, with a new story each half hour. Authors and illustrators will read aloud their book using props, music, actors, or the beautiful simplicity of their own voice. Come and hear the stories of our city in a vibrant and colourful setting.

Story Time Sanctuary

A quiet space will be available for any budding talent who wish to submit a story or illustration. Anyone is welcome to enter this space and spend some time quietly writing or creating artwork. There will be notepads, pens, and coloured pencils available for you to use however suits your talent.

Are you an author or illustrator wanting to be involved?

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Who’s Coming?

Ronnie Fisher

Ronnie is Canadian born, long time chef, first time author. His book, Muffin Adventures, combines a children's adventure with a muffin recipe. The Muffin Adventure series has a positive storyline on healthy eating and encourages children to learn to cook with their parents.

Michele Clark McConnochie

Michele writes features for local newspapers, teaches creative writing and has been a full-time writer of children’s books since 2014. Her books are also available in a dyslexia-friendly format to give all children and adults the chance to love reading

Rebecca Gibbs

Rebecca loves to tell stories and create life on the page! She enjoys creating work for political murals, editorial cartoons, books, and advertising and also creates meaningful resources for classroom teachers that bring Māori art and visual design to the forefront of education. Her Youtube channel is full of art ideas and drawing challenges.

Yulia Potts

Yulia Potts was born in Russia and grew up surrounded by folk stories and local history. As a little girl she loved making houses for fairies out of flowers in her Nana’s garden. Now she loves creating magical worlds through her artwork.

Robinne Weiss

Robinne is an educator and entomologist who has never been able to control her writing habit. She writes fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. On her website you will find blog posts about rural New Zealand life, links to her books, and some of her favourite recipes

Loopy Tunes

Loopy Tunes began in 2010 as an Outreach Preschool Music Programme at Beckenham Methodist Church. Orginally run by a small group of volunteers, Loopy Tunes has grown to seven weekly outreach sessions around Christchurch, mostly run by Siu and Leah. They have visited several preschools in Christchurch and are regular performers at the Arts Centre Markets. Siu and Leah will be releasing a CD in 2019.

The School for Young Writers

The School for Young Writers is a not-for-profit organisation that has been guiding and supporting young writers since 1993 through Saturday workshops, schools programme, holiday workshops and online options. They also publish young writers' work twice a year in the Write On magazine. The #50 Write On magazine will be available for purchase at the festival.

Angela Oliver

Angela "LemurKat" Oliver is passionate about wildlife, with a particular love of our quirky native birds. She loves to watch them, draw them, and write adventures about them. She has written two novels for the middle grade market - the latest, "Tiriki's Great Escape" will be released at the Tamariki Book Festival 2018.

Karyn Wilson

"Kererū’s BBQ" was inspired by Karyn's daughter Indie and many visits to the Bay. Karyn loves exploring the picturesque surroundings and getting to know all the stunning, friendly and well fed local birds. She isn’t one to sit still for long with many creative projects on the go, usually starting one before finishing the last.